Issue 2 continues to make headlines as the major political issue for the November 8th vote. Issue 2, otherwise know as Senate Bill 5, is the referendum on the collective bargaining law that was recently signed by Governor Kasich. Although the Governor, Speaker and Senate President made a final attempt to negotiate, they were unable to find common ground by the August 31st referendum removal deadline. Therefore the referendum will proceed and Ohio voters will have a chance to vote for or against the new collective bargaining law.

As we head into the final phase of this political race, most polling information favors the repeal of Senate Bill 5 with a 24 points margin of victory. However, despite favorable polling throughout the summer, the campaign to repeal SB5 (We Are Ohio) will have to play defense against the many political ads. One of which features Toledo Mayor Mike Bell stating he, “lost his job, as a firefighter, because the city ran out of money and without Senate Bill 5 he will be forced to layoff or cut jobs again.”

Finally both sides will face a major hurdle, which is getting people to show up and vote during a non-presidential election year. Historical voter interest is extremely low during a non-presidential year however SB5 is a controversial issue that could easily shatter the low voter turnout trend.

John Singleton, Partner

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