A statewide candidate posted “we should protect our schools like we protect our politicians.” Ohio’s elected officials are protected by bullet proof glass on all first floor rooms, bullet proof doors for all rooms, safe rooms, State Troopers, x-ray machines, walk through scanners, cameras, ID secured doors and non trooper personnel.
The candidate’s “plan” would issue bonds to modernize our schools with state of the art protection technology.  Ohio has 3,505 public schools. A simple average cost per school of $1 million would ONLY COST $3.5 billion. The GRF cost for a 10 year bond at 3% interest is $422 million per year in debt service or $850 million for the biennium.  It’s projected, for FY 18, that Ohio will collect $7.9 billion in Income Taxes, that would compute to 44% increase in the income tax to fully pay for the idea or 5.3% a year for the 10 years..Sounds like a plan for the circular file cabinet.
Just because your brain thinks it doesn’t mean your mouth should say it. Thinking twice would be good.

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