In the lead up to the Governor’s final state of the state, he’s been making the rounds on cable news and the national networks, trying to portray himself as a suitable replacement for our current President.  He went on CNN and talked about how he’d like to see a ban for “God darn” AR-15s and limiting bump stocks.  I am proud our Governor, he tells it like it he sees it…unfortunately, his present and past doesn’t match the fantasy world he is promoting.

After the CNN appearance his campaign website immediately underwent an overhaul.  The site changed it’s tune from “Defending the Second Amendment”, “removing burdensome restrictions”, “opposing Barack Obama’s gun control efforts” and touting Kasich’s NRA endorsement to “Common Sense on the Second Amendment” and removing images with gun owners.  Over the course of Kasich’s administration, he has signed into law more than a dozen bills that increase access to guns, including an expansion of where individuals can carry concealed handguns to places like daycares, bars, and universities and reducing hours of training needs for conceal and carry.

The Governor’s political consultant says the Governor’s views have “evolved”.  I give voters more credit and believe can identify political opportunism for what it is. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even seem that he can fully commit to his newly evolved agenda.  The Governor unveiled six gun control proposals this week— these proposals did not include any limitation on military assault weapons, age restrictions, and merely recommended that Ohio should follow federal law when it comes to bump stocks.
At some point soon, elected officials will need to realize that voters are watching and paying attention.
If your past doesn’t match the new reality just don’t preach and maybe don’t talk.

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