Its amazing for me to hear my contemporaries tout democracy, until it doesn’t work in their favor.  As the news of the Brexit emerges, media outlets have been bold in their pronouncements, with the L.A. Times terming it a “catastrophe” and the Washington Post informing readers it’s “terrifying”.  But this isn’t one person’s vision going awry, this is a nation exercising its will in a fair and public vote.  This is democracy in action.  While the financial ramifications might be devastating, this should be short-term problem, that a Nation’s inhabitants feel will strengthen their long-term future.  Furthermore, the leader who championed the failed policy is leaving.  Prime Minister Cameron is showing rare grace and ownership on the issue as he doesn’t feel that this is the direction he has been advocating for, or positioned to direct.


I see a lot of similarities in how the public and media perceive and report on events today.  Rather than discussing the logistics and hailing the process, they are quick to point out whether the end result was “right” or “wrong.”  All too often we and the media confuse “the news” with an opinion editorial.  In both the Presidential Race and the Brexit, the important component is the story, not the result.  What has led us to where we are today, and how do we build for the future?  The answer to both, all too often, is unfortunately unrest.  Yet only by understanding the history and process can we make this exercise constructive.

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