As noted in yesterday’s Columbus Dispatch, the political expertise of Grant Street Consultant’s Neil Clark was cited several times in the new autobiography of former Republican Representative Bob Ney entitled Sideswiped, Lessons Learned Courtesy of the Hit Men of Capitol Hill.

The following is pulled from the Capital Insider article of the Columbus Dispatch dated March 10, 2013:

“Former GOP Rep. Bob Ney of Heath, who spent 11 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges in 2006, has harsh words in his new book about many of the people he has known. One exception is Neil Clark, the powerful Republican lobbyist in Columbus.

Declaring that Clark devised the strategy in 1984 that allowed Republicans to seize control of the Ohio Senate, Ney writes that Clark “was one of the few people in politics — even beyond Karl Rove — who really understood the reasons for wins and losses. I adopted Neil’s approach and analysis of elections and the multiple reasons behind victories and defeats.’’

When asked to comment about being mentioned in Bob Ney’s book, Neil says, “I enjoyed reading Bobby’s book and was flattered by his compliments on my political acumen.” He continued, “I have known him for over thirty years and believe that many can learn from his experiences.” “While in office, Bobby worked tirelessly to see that the lives of his constituents were improved and he has used this experience for the good and today spends his time trying to make a positive impact on those around him through his radio show, his travels to India and personal reflection; I wish him the best.”