Wednesday was the deadline for candidates to file their 2017 Campaign Finance reports. Much like the poll I mentioned last week, the DeWine/Husted ticket is miles ahead of the competition, with an on-hand balance of $10,563, 173 compared to Taylor/ Estruth’s $3,508,205 and the closest Democratic challenger, Rich Cordray, over $8,000,000 behind with $2,010,159 on hand.

Down ticket, the finances get more interesting with the trend being statewide Democrat candidates out raising their Republican opponents. However, the Rs still maintain the balance on hand advantage. Former Senate President Faber kept the closest to his opponent in dollars raised during this period and still maintained more than twice the amount of his opponent in the balance on hand. Dave Yost raised a little over $600,000 compared to Dettelbach’s $1,000,000+. LaRose and Sprague were both out raised and maintain the smallest cash on hand advantages of $204,622 and $141,864 over their Democrat opponents respectively.