We are getting requests for political donations, but how do we know if it makes good sense for our company?

One of the most important roles of a government relations/ lobbying firm like Grant Street Consultants is to counsel our clients on the complexities and legalities surrounding the world of campaign finance law.  Due to the inevitable role government plays in our daily lives, it is very likely that your business has felt the impact of local, state and/or federal laws.  Some may have been positive outcomes for your company’s bottom line while others, not so much.

Though it’s not the only tool savvy business owners have to learn about and influence the decisions Ohio lawmakers consider every day – political contributions can be an effective legislative strategy for many companies.  However, like a business plan or household budget, a company must first develop a campaign contribution strategy before they ever write one check.  There are state and federal laws that govern such contributions and making errors can be costly, embarrassing or downright illegal. And to make matters even more confusing there are hard and soft money contributions, political action committees (PACs) and C4’s to consider (but we’ll leave that for another day).

As a partner in your business’s success, Grant Street Consultants will learn your goals, your philosophy and your budget.  Together, we will advise your company about current Ohio House and Senate leadership, the committees important to your goals and likely winners and losers for upcoming political races.  Most importantly, we will make certain that your company knows the Ohio election laws, contribution limits and will assist you in completing the reports required by the Ohio Secretary of State.

To view most current Ohio Campaign Finance Limits click on this link to the Secretary of State’s helpful website:  https://www.sos.state.oh.us/globalassets/candidates/limitchart2019.pdf