When do we need to hire a lobbyist?

In our over forty years of experience, Grant Street Consultants has found that businesses and organizations typically hire a lobbyist for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Clients need state government to do – or NOT do – something that affects their business and members. Oftentimes, a piece of legislation or regulation has been introduced that will make or break an organization, corporation or small business.  The client knows they must act – but don’t want to go it alone and realize the chance of a successful outcome is greatly increased if they have the expertise, knowledge, and contacts a reputable lobbying firm like Grant Street Consultants can provide.
  2. Businesses and organizations can’t be in Columbus full-time and need us to monitor issues on their behalf. We become their “eyes and ears” at the Statehouse and before state agencies and then report back what is happening in areas of interest to them.  This gives clients the peace of mind that they will not be blind-sided by legislative or regulatory changes that could threaten their livelihoods.
  3. Clients want to raise the profile of their company or organization among key legislative and decision makers at the Statehouse and among specific state agencies. Whether it is a business trying to get its product or service in front of the right state agency or a non-profit looking to get state funding to help serve their community – Grant Street Consultants has decades of experience representing a long list of non-profits, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies in front of key Ohio policy makers, legislators and regulatory agencies.

Grant Street Consultants has been called “Ohio’s most consistently successful procurement and public policy firm in Columbus” and founder Neil S. Clark For an assessment of your current government relations needs and strategies, we invite you to contact Grant Street Consultants at 614-221-3600 or email grantstreet@grantstreetohio.com.